Metrology Instrument Services
“Providing first-class independent support for engineering metrology at an affordable price”
The comprehensive software package was designed with the user in mind. Although the software is both powerful and flexible, it retains its 'user friendly' appeal.
The time delay between completing a trace and evaluation of results has been kept to a minimum.
Where measurements are repeated and repetitive, within the software there is the facility to programme an automatic measuring and evaluation cycle.
Using tolerance bands, the measuring process can be performed and analysed without operator interpretation. Allowing use by less highly skilled personnel.
A 'master tracing' of a component can be stored showing all required dimensions and thereafter can be used to compare against other traced components.  This gives a time saving of more than 50%, especially when evaluating complex components.
The Multi Contour facility will measure two areas on the same component and also evaluate the relationship between the two areas. (Internal and External features for example).
The software uses a single click technology to each function without the need to go through menus and sub menus.
Training takes a relatively short time.  Should there be a need to refresh the Trainees memory, one can refer to the straightforward unambiguous software guidance programme