Metrology Instrument Services
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Instrument Software Upgrades
Measurement  of surface texture and roundness has changed dramatically in the last few years.  New instruments have appeared which have complex data processing facilities.  
Although the basic measurement techniques have remained the same, the latest instruments automatically compute a wide range of numerical parameters, and also offer better filtering of data to remove unwanted surface anomalies.  
Unfortunately, such progress always has a price, and the replacement of an older machine which is still working well can be very expensive - and is not always necessary.
We offer more cost effective alternatives, which are also more environmentally sound.  Instead of scrapping a basically sound machine, we replace the obsolete electronics and pen recorder with a small modern interface unit, and connect it to a modern desktop computer with a full size plain paper printer.  With our latest new software running under Microsoft Windows, you can have a first class instrument with all the analysis capabilities of a brand new machine - at a fraction of the cost..
We currently offer two such instrument upgrades: