Metrology Instrument Services
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The ConturoMatic T2 (right), together with its integrated software, offers a really versatile solution for the measurement of virtually any external or internal profile.   
As you will see below, the T2 measuring capability is unusually large for this type of instrument.  Measuring accuracy achieved is higher than other comparable contour machines, due to a combination of the very high precision horizontal travel and the unique Z axis design. .
The use of the large travelling table, means work-holding fixtures can be sizeable. When measuring components, the full travel range of 250mm (in the Y axis) X 320 mm (in the X and Z axis), is available for use.
These high precision co-ordinate movements are linked to the most comprehensive software for the rapid evaluation of the traced contour. The software combines versatility with easy to learn and use attributes.
Both X & Z measurements are made via non-contact high resolution measuring scales.
Mechanical Specification